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Social Engineering

Social Engineering is the act of deceiving someone into divulging information or taking action, usually through technology.

Importance of having secure data centres

Data Centre Security is the array of technologies and practices in place to protect a facility's physical infrastructure and network systems from internal and external threats.

Work from home solutions

Due to the technology available, it is entirely possible to run your business from home, given you have the right equipment and set-up.

Malware in GoT?

If you're not worried about breaking the law when you pirate Game of Thrones, then at least worry about breaking your computer.

Safety And Security In Banking

With the rise in cyber-attacks at the forefront of the news on a near daily basis, financial institutions such as banks are also exposed to cyber-attacks more than any other industry, but are they aware of the latest emerging risk management and security trends?

Money Doesn't Sleep And So Do Criminals

SABRIC, the South African Banking Risk Information Centre, on behalf of the banking industry released its annual crime stats in 2018 that the public should pay special attention to, as these stats have risen serious concerns to consider in 2019.